Key Developers Jump From Square Enix

Breaking news out of Japan is that three of the key developers behind well known Square Enix titles have jumped ship and parted ways with the gaming development giant.

Ryuji Ikeda, Shouta Shimoda and Takeshi Arakawa are said to have all recently left leaving some mighty big shoes to fill. Ikeda  was the main man behind Dissidia: Final Fantasy while Dissidia 012‘s director of planning was Shimoda and Arakawa had previously toiled away as supervising director of Dissidia: Final Fantasy as well as being a graphic director on Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

So not quite small fry leaving the SE stable. Interestingly, the three men have gone to work for mobile platform companies seeing as at last year’s Tokyo Game Show, Gree actually had a bigger booth than Square Enix. The three mobile gaming companies that they’ve gone to is as follows: Shimoda and Arakawa have both gone to Gree while Ikeda has gone to DeNa.

Bad for Square but mouth watering for those of you into mobile gaming, I wonder what adventures we’ll be seeing on iOS and Android?


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