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Odaiba’s Gundam Is Back In The House

A while back, Japan’s entertainment precinct, Odaiba saw the set up of a life sized Gundam statue which had a ton of people flocking to see it, locals and tourists alike.

Needless to say like all good things, it didn’t last and was only a temporary attraction which was pulled down and carefully dismantled after a month of being on display. Well, the powers that be must have been pleased with the turnout because the Gundam model is back in Odaiba. And the even better news is that this time, he’s back for one full year!

Japandaman Dailies’ resident ninja in training, Eiro, took some snaps for the K’s House Tokyo Oasis blog (link) so a big thanks to Eiro-san! And don’t forget, if you’re going to be in town, don’t miss out this time and stay at K’s House Tokyo Oasis in central Asakusa with the friendliest crew in Japan!

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