No New Info For The Wii U

Nintendo held their annual investor’s briefing in Japan and one important piece of information which was on the mind of gamers around the world…was not announced.

There was no mention of a launch date or pricing for the Nintendo Wii U, their next generation console which is currently under wraps. But even worse is that CEO, Satoru Iwata, has also confirmed that this year’s E3 exhibition in the United States will not yield any news on this topic either.

He did reveal however that the console would be launched this year in Japan,the United States, Europe and Australia. Let’s not forget that Nintendo employed the same tactic two years ago with the 3DS where they announced the system and showed some games, nothing concrete was revealed or confirmed by Nintendo until two months before the launch of the handheld.

So, where does that leave us? Will the Wii U be a show at E3 again? Without a doubt even though the important news won’t be at hand. Will there be more news in September at the Tokyo Game Show? We can only hope so but no matter what happens, Japandaman Dailies will keep you posted on any Wii U developments.

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