New Kingdom Hearts Announcement Soon

New Kingdom Hearts Announcement Soon

A new book hits the stands today for Kingdom Hearts fans entitled, The Kingdom Hearts 3D Ultimania guide book. The book is good enough on it’s own but the big bonus is the included interview with series creator, Tetsuya Nomura.

Site FF Reunion has summarised the contents of the interview and in it there’s a brief teaser given that hints at what’s next for the KH Universe. Nomura-san goes so far as to say that development has already begun on something new, in fact, a variety of developments for one or more titles!

He then goes on to say that he believes they’ll be able to make an announcement sometime soon. There were some parts in the interview that were censored out, I’m guessing where too much information was revealed, but if you can read Japanese, here’s what was printed:

  • 〇ー〇〇○〇解放には〇〇○〇を仕込んだ
  • 〇ー〇〇○〇メッセージについては想像にまかせる
  • 〇の〇〇〇のはそのままあの〇人かについてはお楽しみに

Disappointingly, Nomura-san also mentioned that at present, there are no plans for a Birth by Sleep sequel or to release a Final Mix version of the current 3DS title KH3D.

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