Worldwide Figures For 3DS Software

Nintendo have done their annual thing and opened the door to some fascinating figures of software sold from the around, some of it will make you dizzy with the staggering number of units sold.

For example, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time sold 2.61 million units which is an increase of 0.12 million from the past December.

Pokémon Black/White (DS) – 14.71 million units sold and Pokémon: Rumble Blast managed to push through 1.08 million units sold. While perennial favourite, Mario Kart 7 on 3DS, shifted 5.24 million units, that’s a whole lotta karting going on!

Nintendogs + cats seems to be struggling, selling 2.70 million units while the original Nintendogs on DS has so far sold 23.89 million copies.

Popular 3D platformer, Super Mario 3D Land, has shifted 5.84 million copies, as a point of comparison, Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii has sold 10.68 million units at last count.

So that’s good for software, how about hardware? How many 3DS handhelds are there around the globe? Well, Nintendo are reporting that they’ve so far sold 17.13 million 3DS units which is an increase of 15.03 million units sold since December.



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