Bleach Group Cosplay Keeping The Dream Alive

Bleach the anime may have finally seen its last Bankai but leave it up to some fanatical cosplayers to produce the video below and show everyone that while Bleach may be gone, it’ll never be forgotten.

The person behind this was JP Chau seen on YouTube as whenwasthistaken who together with photographer, BigWhiteBazooka, organised the photoshoot.

JP Chau had the following to say about the photoshoot: “( BigWhiteBazooka) just wanted to have a massive photo shoot with characters from Bleach. We went all the way to Lancaster, CA for the shoot. Our original goal was for another location, but we were told we could not shoot there. The area we chose was really windy. REALLY REALLY WINDY! It was tough to do video since wigs and hair were flying all over the place. My vision on doing video is to guide and lead the viewer on a journey. It was tough doing this video since we had some setbacks.”

Bleach Cosplay Showcase


Behind the scenes of the Bleach cosplay photoshoot

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