K-On! Movie Extras Revealed For DVD/Blu-Ray Release

K-On! Movie Extras Revealed For DVD/Blu-Ray Release

Fans of the anime K-On! and the movie will be pleased with awaits them when they purchase the DVD or Blu-Ray versions of the movie to take home.

The Limited Edition of the DVD will contain cords for a song played during the movie, a mini production booklet, 5 kinds of the appreciation tickets (small size), a 5 piece bromide set and lastly a three sided box. You also get commentaries from the producers, the staff and the cast.

Both disc versions also come with;

  • Yamada Naoko in London (location/scenario scouting)
  • Tanaka Minami’s dubbing report (additional feature of the recording sessions)
  • A backstage feature of Ho-kago Tea Time in Universal Studios Japan
  • A Houkago Tea Time in TBS press conference
  • A special program K-ON! the Movie Navigational Program
  • Music Recording
  • Stage Greetings on Opening Day
  • Creditless Opening and Ending Sequences
  • Pre-movie bit about manners
  • TV commercials, previews and trailers

If this sounds like your bag, then head on over to CD Japan who are taking pre-orders now so make sure you don’t miss out.

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