NES Flavoured Shoulder Bag

For the retro chic of you out there, this creation will bring tears of nostalgia to your eyes. Etsy, the site where you can find all sorts of fanboy/girl dreams, someone has created one of the coolest shoulder bags to ever grace the Earth.

It’ll set you back $80US dollars but it’s a small price to pay, we think, for something completely original and unique. $80 will also get you a NES controller wallet thrown into the mix to complete the set.

The following description comes straight from the Etsy page itself:

The set comes with the NES shoulder bag & the controller game pad wallet! Both are handmade using the original Nintendo console and game pad. I removed all the innards and nicely lined each box with black fabric. The adjustable strap and hinges on the shoulder bag are reinforced from the inside to make it extra sturdy and the latches keep it closed securely. The strap is adjustable from about 52″ down to about 20″ so it can be worn as a messenger bag, purse or anything in between. The game door is functional for quick drop offs into the bag (perfect for pencils, calculators, or the controller wallet). The buttons on the front of the console still function and the plugs and switches on the back are still intact. Plus there is a secret compartment on the bottom to stash some valuables. The controller wallet is also very sturdy with brass hinges and a powerful Neodymium magnet that snaps shut tightly. Perfect for loose change or bills and fits most business cards. All the buttons are securely mounted and the start/select buttons can actually be pressed. A great gift for the serious gamer on the go.
Each set I make will only vary slightly and I will choose the best one I have in stock to send you.

Here’s some pics to get the juices flowing.

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