Cosplay Takes Over Melbourne On The Weekend

Cosplay Takes Over Melbourne On The Weekend

This Saturday just past in Melbourne, the 5th of May, an event in Melbourne’s Federation Square was staged of epic proportions. An event bringing hundreds of people together in an attempt at breaking a world record for the highest number of people in one space dressed as video game characters.

Called COSGAME 2012 – Largest Crowd Dressed as Video Game Characters, the event was co-ordinated on social media site, Facebook, the event was an official record breaking attempt recognised by the Guinness World Records. So we’re happy to report that the previous record of 425 participants in Wisconsin, USA last year was smashed with an official number of 470 people in attendance dressed as Mario & Luigi’s, Lara Crofts, Ezio, Pac-Man and many, many more video game favourites and some more not so well known but taking to the stage as well.

We unfortunately weren’t in attendance but good friend of Japandaman Dailies, Matt Murphy, was and took the amazing pictures seen below. Matt also took part in the record breaking attempt so a big kudos to him for taking the time out to grab these snaps. Matt also has a very cool YouTube channel where he goes under the moniker, Dark Messiah24 so be sure to add him and subscribe! He’s a wealth of Otaku knowledge!

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