Kingdom Hearts Demo Lets You Travel Around Town

Kingdom Hearts Demo Lets You Travel Around Town

Square Enix have recently released a short demo for Kingdom Hearts 3D on the Nintendo 3DS eShop, which lets you control Sora around one area at the start of the game, that area being Traverse Town. The demo allows you to meet up with Neku from another massively popular title, The World Ends With You. After meeting up with Neku, you can then take on some Dream Eaters while wielding your keyblade.

Sora has been given some amazing abilities for the demo like Sparkga, Slot Blade, Ice Breaker, Balloonra, Curera and Rainbow Wind. Two friendly spirits follow Sora along being Neko Cat and Meow Wow. You’ll also be able to grind on electric wires and swing yourself around lamp posts using the Flow Motion actions.

As a bonus, you also get the tutorial Ursula taken on Sora in battle atop a raft at the opening of the game. You do only get fifteen play throughs but everything you need to see, you can do in one play through. Japanese 3DS owners, give it a go, sounds the goods.

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