Streetfighter X Tekken Falls Short

Yesterday we reported on the sales of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City from Japan, today we can report on the sales figures from another Capcom title. However the news this time around from Streetfighter X Tekken could be better.

During 2011, Capcom made the announcement of wanting to sell 2 million copies of Raccoon City by March 31st and while the game hasn’t hit the stratosphere, it’s noteworthy to take into account that it hadn’t been released worldwide as Japan received the title one month later.

Streetfighter X Tekken however was closer to Capcom’s estimates as they predicted 2 million copies by March 31st and the game only fell short by 600, ooo copies, selling 1.4 million copies.

The better news however is that Monster Hunter Tri G has broken all expectations selling 1.6 million units which is a far cry from the originally predicted 1.2 million copies.

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