DS Doubles As Navigation For Cars

DS Doubles As Navigation For Cars

It’s just been reported that on top of being a highly successful games unit, the humble Nintendo DS is now taking on a new role.

Toyota Japan has reported that the DS is to be used as remote control for the navigation systems found in their range of Smart Navi cars. But in the theme of keeping it safe, the DS is designed to be used by the passenger, not the driver while the car is in transit.

This new system carries the monniker of Kuruma de DS which translates along the lines of “Use the DS in the car.” Passengers will be able to search for destinations which then gives map and popular sightseeing hotspots. You’ll also be able to save these spots on your DS.

The cartridge for the DS which will be driving the whole thing is Bluetooth ready so owners will be able to pair it up with their car with minimal fuss.

The interface itself will be handled by the well known Mii’s familar already to Wii and DS/3DS owners to ensure everything is kept tidy and user friendly. There’s even an on board speedometer. The cart will feature music that will play through the car as well as puzzles and quizzes.

As you can probably imagine, this won’t come cheap with the top of the range Navi going for  ¥206, 850 while the Kuruma de DS app cart itseld needs to be bought from Toyota for  ¥7, 329 which of course doesn’t include the DS you need to play it in the first place.

So if you’re in Japan and you have the cash to spend, then you could be in for a cutesy navigation experience.

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