AR Details From Hatsune Miku On 3DS

Not to be confused with the Hatsune Miku outing on the PS Vita, the Nintendo 3DS game featuring the Vocaloid will be employing some pretty snazzy AR features which will allow you to interact with Hatsune in unique ways.

This week’s issue of Famitsu magazine features screenshots showing an AR Hatsune Miku lazing about in the player’s kitchen, walking in the rain and even taking a rest on the payer’s bed, nice. The AR Hatsune on the 3DS will be small and have cute while the Vita version will be featuring a more life size version. I personally prefer small and cute but that’s just me.

The article also mentions that you’ll be able to take pics with Hatsune as well as adjust the size of the AR Miku. There is a hint in the air that the AR features will also be employing game based play features and not just serve as eye candy.

Fingers crossed, we’ll be seeing some authorised media late this week/early next week.

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