Colossus To Be A Live Action Movie

So, Hollywood not content with almost making a classic anime into a wreck of a movie, Akira, (thank God that fell through), it now appears that they have their sights firmly set on a classic game to make the transition to the silver screen.

That game being, Shadow of the Colossus, which along with Ico is loved by many gamers across the globe. Sony Pictures have been given the green light to start the ball rolling on this movie. The director has been named as Josh Trank, the man behind the recent Chronicle.

Now in all honesty, I haven’t Chronicle and while the trailer looked awesome, I’ve heard less than stellar reviews about it from friends and critics. You would imaging that Sony Computer Entertainment would recognise that Colossus is a fan favourite and give the movie every chance it deserves. Instead they sign a director who’s last movie didn’t set the box alight?

Hmm…anyone else see a problem with this?

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