Tokyo Game Show 2012 Unveils Main Visual Set

Tokyo Game Show 2012 Unveils Main Visual Set

All the talk lately seems to be centred around the upcoming E3 in the States but I’m personally more excited and pumped for Tokyo Game Show. Japandaman has had a presence at the past two TGS events at Makuhari Messe in Japan and fingers crossed, we’ll be there again.

But we now know the look that the organisers will be going for with this year’s event. The organiser, CESA, hasshwon off the cover poster for the event featuring a very familiar character.

CESA will once again be using the girl seen in print ads for TGS ’10 and TGS ’11, only this time she’s sporting different coloured threads. As with past posters, she’s decked out in various gaming items which is comes across like she’s representing gaming. The theme seems to be something along the lines of “memories of smiles” from the digital world…or maybe something was lost in translation?

Anyways, TGS will be running at Makuhari Messe this year from September 20 running through September 23. As with previous years, the first two days are dedicated to the press with the remaining two days for the public.

The TGS news trickle has begun!

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