Real Life Resident Evil Experience

Real Life Resident Evil Experience

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of everyone’s favourite survival horror franchise, Resident Evil, Capcom and Zepp Live Entertainment have collaborated to bring fans a unique experience. And because it’s real life and not a game, it may turn out to be scarier than the real thing.

Called Zepps “Real Escape Game”, it revolves around participants being locked in a facility and try to escape. Players will have to attempt to escape from an environment that has been designed to look like an abandoned hospital which features old patient rooms, disused surgery rooms, all being designed to resemble a Resident Evil setting.

The hospital setting is actually a real life hospital which was changed  into a film studio called Tamai Hospital Studio. The studio is a common filming area for horror movies.

So if you’re in Japan and want to be scared witless, it runs from July 19 through to August 31 and will set you back ¥3,150. For more info, check out the official site here.

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