Girls’ Generation To Appear In Manga

Girls’ Generation To Appear In Manga

Extremely popular K-Pop girl group, Girls’ Generation, look set to broaden their horizons in Japan by appearing in a manga which us published for free online.

Shogakukan’s Club Sunday, which is also linked to the Shonen Sunday magazine, will be starting next week on Tuesday. The series will be called Ent. and will also feature other popular groups from the Korean music scene.

Boybands SHINee and TVXQ will also be making an appearance while Shogakukan continue talks with SM Entertainment, the management label behind the groups. You can read the first chapter until July 30 here while June 12 will see the premiere of chapter two.

Project planning responsibilities have fallen to Ylab while the story is being handled by Park Mi-Suk, Kang Un-Yeong will be taking care of the artwork. What we do know about the storyline is that it will revolve around the Korean entertainment industry while trying to maintain an air of realism about the business.

To this end, the members of SHINee, Girls’ Generation and TVXQ will all be using their real names.

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