Review: Bigbang ‘Still Alive’

It was only a few months back that Korean boyband, Bigbang, released their comeback EP, ‘Alive’. Well, now the boys have released the Special Edition of that same EP called ‘Still Alive’.

So what are the differences? Is it better than Alive? Should you buy it? All these more and will be answered below.

First of all, this new EP shares the same massive hits as Alive, those being Blue, Bad Boy, Love Dust and the massive hit, Fantastic Baby. So for the purpose of this review, I’ll leave them out seeing as how they’re identical versions with no difference.

Still Alive

Still Alive started off as an intro track to the previous EP and only ran for just under one minute. I did at the time say that this had the potential to be a great track only if it were longer. Well, lo and behold, they’ve done just and released onto the album as a proper full length track and it sounds awesome. A great thumping beat over club drums give make this track standout along with an awesome rap from TOP, real stand out track. Nicely paced with a simple piano loop and unobtrusive synthesizer sounds round this off as a tight production.


The first track to be released, and at last count the MV has had over 2 million hits in 24 hours. And for good reason, this track is an absolute hit and demonstrates what the boys are capable of and indeed what an extremely talented lyricist and story teller that G Dragon is developing into. Easily the most mature track they’ve done to date, this track of a lost love and acceptance of a person is very well played out with a beautiful subtle orchestra in the background and a piano section over the entire length that is to die for. Beautiful, touching and very rare in today’s market to have such a heartfelt track with a traditional medium tempo beat laid over it. This is the track that will define Bigbang as more than a flash in the pan, this track proves they are here to stay and will only help to further define them. AAA+++


Another catchy dance track with a pulsating bass and a great vocal turnout from Daesung. Cool chorus with lots of finger tapping moments, simple without having to resort to over production and having loads of sound samples and effects in the background, Nicely done.

Bingle Bingle

Great track with a guitar driven riff, very easy to get into. More of a rock beat as opposed to a dance track but Bigbang cover their tracks as only they can and pull it off making it sound accessible to a mainstream audience. Try not to sing along to the chorus as well, it’s simple and very catchy.


An easy listening track with gentle vocals that plays on the dance track/pop song genre. Never fully committing to either but still comes across very well. Some might say that it maybe the weakest track on the album if they really had to choose but after having spent some time with it, it’s really begun to grow on me. Really smooth vocals from G Dragon and Co. help to keep this song on that tricky line but they pull it off in a seamless manner.

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Another stellar effort from Bigbang, this comes highly recommended and your ears will thank you!

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