Tales Of Xillia 2 New Site And Footage

The official site has recently been opened for the next Tales installment, Tales of Xillia 2, along with a trailer to show off. The announcement was made at the Tales Festival but currently the site is still in teaser state and doesn’t give much away.

The site does feature a quote that recently ran in Famitsu magazine, “Are you ready to destroy the world for the girl?”

There wasn’t an official trailer released after the Tales Festival however some fans managed to capture some footage and post it on the interwebs to be shared. The footage features the game’s selection system, some battle sequence and a general look at the game world.

Watch out for the game on PS3 sometime in the Winter 2012, a release date will be announced on June 27.

There will also be a bundle pack you can snap up with a match Dual Shock 3 controller which you can see below at the Tales Festival. courtesy of 4Gamer.

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