Important Change Made To Kingdom Hearts 3D

Important Change Made To Kingdom Hearts 3D

Kingdom Hearts launches outside of Japan late july which has given Square Enix the change to do some last minute tweaking to the game. One of those changes has definitely been for the better as Co-Director Tai Yasue explains.

Kingdom Hearts 3D has a feature called the Drop System which forces the player to switch between both Sora and Riku when a meter on the screen runs out. Apparently in the Japanese version of the game, when you drop characters in the middle of a boss fight, the boss’s health bar replenishes while the character jumping into the fight doesn’t. Sounds unfair.

What the change is, that now when you swap character, your health will be topped up at the same time, the boss you’re fighting will be replenished as well so it remains a fair fight.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for this one in North America when it launches on July 31 and July 26 for Australia.

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