Pokemon Black & White 2 Launches In Japan

Pokemon Black & White 2 Launches In Japan

Japan recently saw the launch for the massively awaited, Pokemon Black & White 2, across the land and to say there were long queues and happy gamers everywhere would be an understatement.

It’s still a bit early for the official sales figures but based on pre-orders, we’re able to take a quick look at what Nintendo and The Pokemon Company are expecting. As of June 17, there were 1.16 million pre-orders for the game according to official stat keepers, Media Create.

Sometime next week the official sales figures will be in and we’ll be able to see exactly how big a success these sequels are compared to the first two games. It will also be interesting to see if this DS game does anything to push the sales of the 3DS as well or if gamers are just playing Pokemon Black & White 2 on their standard DS unit.

Down below, you’ll be able to see some pics from the launch around Japan including the Pokemon Centre across the road from Hamamatsucho train station.

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