New Cases For The 3DS XL – Cyber Gadget

The 3DS XL is still a few weeks away from release in Japan but that hasn’t stopped the first case coming out for it and it looks a treat as well.

Made by Cyber Gadget, the cases will be available in six different colours so you’re sure to find one that suits and matches your handheld and mood.

The Cyber Gadget website claims that the case will hold your 3DS XL unit, four 3DS or DS games, an earphone and AR cards. The cases will be available with the 3DS launch on July 28.

The site also goes on to add that thanks to the construction of the case, your investment is protected by the durable exterior while the inside will ensure that no scratches occur to your 3DS XL. There is also a band inside to connect to your 3DS XL so it won’t accidentally fall out when you open the case.

It seems like everything has been taken into account, hopefully we’ll get our hands on one after launch to review for you.

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