Red 3DS XL Turns On The Charm In Japan

Red 3DS XL Turns On The Charm In Japan

Famitsu recently ran a poll ahead of the launch of the 3DS XL to try to ascertain  what the public thought or were expecting about the revision to Nintendo’s runaway success handheld.

A large number of the respondents agreed that they would be picking up a 3DS XL at launch, the break down was that 29.4% said they would pick one up at some point after launch while 28.9% agreed that they would be early adopters and pick one up at launch. 24.3% said they had no interest in picking one up while 17.4% said they would wait until they had actually seen it before making up their minds.

Interestingly, 70% of the people who said they would get one at launch or at some point already own a 3DS.

The breakdown for most popular colour is as follows: the Red x Black variation is the most popular attracting 38.9% of the votes while White was next with 32.8% and bringing up the rear was Silver x Black with 28.3% popularity.

As far as pricing goes, 54.6% of people surveyed agreed that the price was right while shop owners that were part of the survey, a resounding 62.3% said the price was right on the money. Coming back to users, 27.4% said the price was too high compared with 24.5% of shop owners who also agreed that the price was maybe set a bit high.

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