Resident Evil 6 Rears Its Head On Japanese TV

Capcom have begun to air the first tv spot for the upcoming Resident Evil 6 on Japanese television. The tv spot will begin airing today and run through until the 22nd of July exclusively in the Tokyo, Kansai and Tokai regions. The theme of the ad is supposed to instill in the viewer the ‘fear’ that runs rampant through Resident Evil 6.

Check out the spot below and watch for the special mention at the end where it shows that people who pre-order the game will be receiving a code which will enable them to download three special Mercenaries stages, these being the catacombs bottom floor, subway railcar plant and the aircraft carrier. Keep in mind that these are just working titles translated from Japanese so they could be called something relatively different.

Short and sweet but shows some tension packed scenes that the series is famous for but will it be better than fan favourite, Resident Evil 4? That remains to be seen.

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