Famitsu Metal Gear Solid Anniversary Cover

Famitsu Metal Gear Solid Anniversary Cover

Yoji Shinkawa, the art director for the Metal Gear series, has designed an amazing cover for the current edition of Famitsu Weekly in Japan.

The cover is to commemorate Famitsu Weekly’s coverage for the Metal Gear Solid series reaching its 25th anniversary, feast your eyes on the amazing cover below.

Speaking through Enterbrain’s CEO in the article, Shinkawa said that he chose Cyborg Ninja and Solid Snake for the front cover as he believes they’re the two characters that really encapsulate the series and represent the games. The article also mentions how MGS4 will be receiving a Trophy update which has long been asked for by fans.

There is a budget version of MGS4 that will be released to stores in August and has the patch already built into the game so its thought that a download patch can’t be too far away for existing copies of MGS4.

The shot above shows another image from the feature article which illustrates the MGS timeline…what does it say for 2012? Could it be a new game? It could be a reference to Metal Gear Revengeance, we’ll have to wait and see.

Japandaman is trying to get a copy of this eagerly snapped up copy so fingers crossed we get lucky and get our own piece of history.

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