New Zombie Title Bound For The 3DS

New Zombie Title Bound For The 3DS

Escape! Zombie City is the latest title to hit the 3DS courtesy of Tom Create. The title will join the ranks of other quality titles which make up the library of downloadable titles for the handheld known as 3DSWare.

The game will play out using an overhead perspective and it centres around the layers that make up the Earth, in particular the mantle, which weakens and allows cosmic radiation in and hey presto, we have the walking dead in our midst. In true zombie style, they quickly wipe out the authorities, the army included, so the Government decides to pull the switch and unleash a missile strike on a non descript town.

This is where you come in as you play the part of a lone soldier trapped in the city, tasked with the mission of escaping from said town before the strike occurs and obliterates every thing. Very simple gameplay demands simple control and you have that as well. Move with the control pad and kill with the Y button, that’s it, no messy controls to remember in this exercise.

The story mode offers 90 stages and you also get an “Endless Mode” which consists of 10 missions with unlimited ammo.

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Escape! Zombie City hits the Japanese eShop on July 18 priced at a reasonable ¥400. For more info, hit up the official site here.

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