Check Out Some E.X. Troopers In Game Footage

Check Out Some E.X. Troopers In Game Footage

Some new footage has emerged from the Lost Planet spin-off, E.X. Troopers, courtesy of the recent Capcom Game Jam event held last month in Japan.

A couple of interesting tidbits of news have emerged, the first being that the game is being helmed by none other than Yasuhiro Anpo, director of Resident Evil 5 and the game will have co-op multiplayer worked into the game. Even though the event was last month, the footage has only just seen the light of day and features running commentary, which is in Japanese, as well as a trailer to round off the whole presentation.

No firm release date as yet but all Capcom have said is that the game will touch down in Japan for both PS3 and 3DS sometime this year.

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