Evangelion Cake, Who Wants Some?

Evangelion Cake, Who Wants Some?

Can’t wait for the Evangelion 3.0 movie and want a little something to help pass the time? Why don’t you look towards the Evangelion cake which will set you back ¥4,000 and comes with a themed character from the movie. In the case of the cake below, the figure is Kaworu with this particular cake being the third in the series.

Now to get onto the essentials, the cake itself has delicious mango mousse on the inside while luscious white chocolate covers the whole thing, the craters on the surface have been created with whipped cream, why not? The two previous cakes were Rei Ayanami’s chocolate cake in the shape of a NERV base while Asuka’s angel was a roll cake. Each figure comes equipped with a form of Evangelion weapon which can be used as an eating utensil.

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The moon cake comes with the spear of Mark 6, the Spear of Longinus fork comes with the chocolate cake and the roll cake comes with the knife used by the EVA model.

As with all the really cool stuff, it won’t be delivered outside of Japan but if you’re in Japan and want to get your EVA freak on, there’s a handy link below.

Evangelion Cake, clickety clack

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