3DS Cracks 19 Million Units Sold

3DS Cracks 19 Million Units Sold

We’ve all been watching the Nintendo 3DS print money for a while now but just how well is it doing outside of its native Japan? As of June 31, the 3DS has shifted 19 million units worldwide which, for the statisticians out there, will note that this figure is a but shy of the Gamecube’s 21.74 million units during its lifetime.

This new figure for the 3DS has actually broken Nintendo’s projection of 18.5 million units while incredibly, the forerunner to the 3DS, the humble DS, is still selling and at last count had sold an absolutely staggering and awe-inspiring 152.05 million units sold. The Wii is holding its own shifting 96.56 million units for the same time period, worldwide.


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