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Square Enix Shows Its Financial Woes

Square Enix have posted some figures for the quarterly sales and it doesn’t look so good for the Final Fantasy developer. The report shows the SE posted a financial loss of ¥2,077 million which is a surprising figure, SE blames the lacklustre performance of console game units shifted.

For the three month period through to June 2012, a total of ¥24,914 million was registered which pretty much equals last year figure of ¥24,529 million. This means that a total loss of ¥1,163 million was registered compared to an operating gain of ¥2,178 million last year. Square Enix showed a total profit of ¥690 million for the past year.

Moving onto the digital entertainment division which covers video games operations saw a figure of ¥11,336 million recorded which means that is a total loss of 3.9% from last year and an operating loss of ¥111 million. At the same time, the same division recorded an operating gain of  ¥2,834 million.

What this actually means is that sales for games on the 3DS, such as Dragon Quest Monsters Terry’s Wonderland 3D, were very healthy while sales of console games suffered and showed a loss of profits.

If you want to take a look at the report yourself, check links here and here.


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