Pirated One Piece Figures Seized In Japan

Pirated One Piece Figures Seized In Japan

Authorities have announced in Japan that they have arrested a Chinese national on alleged charges of breaking Japan’s strict Copyright Act by having 85 unlicensed One Piece figures.

The 21 year old college student was arrested on July 18 and is being accused of being in possession of the figures for the purpose of selling them without obtaining permission for the copyright holder. From Police reports, the young man imported the figures through a Chinese dealer on the internet for ¥300 – ¥1000 each and then selling them on Japanese internet auction sites for between ¥3, 500 and ¥4, 000.

Apparently, he had sold 1,300 of the figures dating back to February 2011 and had reaped ¥5 million, yowzers that’s a lot of money. What did the accused have to say for himself?

“I understood it was the wrong thing to do, but I had to get my living.” Terrible.

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