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One Piece Gets Its Own Rice Brand In Japan

It wasn’t enough that One Piece is getting a perfume released for the series now today we hear that One Piece will also be receiving its own brand of rice. Apparently, rice bags with anime characters on them sell particularly well in Japan so it made sense for Dino, the official online store for Fuji TV, chose One Piece which also happens to be the station’s most successful anime.

The “One Piece Rice Premium Set” will see the four main characters from One Piece adorning the bags of rice. Those characters will be Zoro, Sanji, Chopper and of course, everyone’s favourite pirate, Luffy. The set will ship with eight 420 grams bags of rice, a wooden spoon carrying a pirate flag brand and one One Piece Compact Bag coming in four different colours.

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The set will be sold online at the store for ¥5, 250 each

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