Persona 4 Arena Character Skins

Persona 4 Arena Character Skins

Can’t get enough of Persona 4 Arena and always on the lookout for the next best thing to show off your passion? Well, Dezaskin steps into the play with their huge collection of new Persona 4 Arena skins for your PS3 and Dualshock controller. Dezaskin just to refresh your memory are makers of quality PS3 accessories and these skins are no different.

You can get the console skins seen below which also come with a controller skin with either Rise or Yu for ¥3, 980. As well as that, there are also Dualshock controller skins available in every character for ¥980. And top off the Persona 4 hotness, you can also pick up iPhone cases with matching front skins for ¥3, 980, all of which can be seen below in the gallery.

[AFG_gallery id=’150′]

You can check out more at their official site.

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