Japanese Police Thwart Potential Osaka Stabbing

Japanese Police Thwart Potential Osaka Stabbing

Disturbing news today from Osaka, Japan where it was revealed that a 42 year old anime director, Masaki Kitamura was prevented in advance from a potential stabbing attack. On July 29, Tomohiro had gone online and posted the following:  “I will commit a massacre in Otaroad next Sunday. I will ram into pedestrian paradise, and after stabbing indiscriminately with a knife, I will commit suicide.”

Otaroad is Otaku central in the district of Osaka called Nipponbashi, it is an area that it heavily populated by pedestrians all throughout the day. This is extremely similar to the events that unfolded in Akihabara in 2008 when Tomohiro Kato posted online that he was going to launch a rampage on the Otaku central of Tokyo. The main difference is that he went through with it, driving a rented van through the crowd before launching a stabbing spree killing seven people and injuring a further ten.

Luckily, in this instance, the police were able to track the IP address used by Masaki to some high-speed wireless LAN equipment allowing them to swoop on the 42 year old anime director, Masaki Kitamura and placing him under arrest before he was able to carry out his deadly threat. Surprisingly, Kitamura, after being placed under arrest said, “I have zero recollection of doing this.”

Maskai has worked on a number of anime project ranging from Zone of the Enders: IdoloTiger & Bunny (episode director) to Yu-Gi-Oh! (storyboard) as well as Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (storyboard, assistant director, and episode director).

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