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Resident Evil Brings Zombies To Universal Studios Japan

Really excited about this next bit of news. Resident Evil will be taking over Universal Studios in Japan from September 15 through to November 11 complete with Lickers, Jill Valentine, Clare Redfield, Nemesis T-Type and most importantly, zombies, completing the transformation into downtown Raccoon City.

This attraction on the horror meter is only rated 1 however for more thrill and scares, you’ll want to check out the Umbrella Corporation: T-Virus Escape attraction loaded with the Tyrant and more zombies! As well as both attractions, there will also be themed food and drinks with T-Virus zombie brains, Birkin G alcoholic beverage and a mixed herb drink for an energy boost.

Best part though, is that Japandaman will be in Japan during this time so we’ll be able to bring you back up close and personal pics of all the action from Raccoon City.

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By Japandaman

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