Firmware Update Hits Vita Bringing PS One Classic Support

Version 1.8 firmware is available today in Japan bringing support for the Playstation range of classic games which is something that really should have been included on day one. Gamers will soon be able to play their favourite PS One titles on the PS Vita, something the PSP has been enjoying for years now.

Apart from the PS One support, the update also brings a slew of other updates to the PS Vita. These include Music updates where you can sync playlists from your PS3 or even from iTunes, the video app has seen an update with playback speed having an additional 0.5 to 2.0 seconds of playback speed thrown in as well as a new three speed skip forwards and backwards function, thumbnail generation for video has been integrated and repeat playback. For those using Group Messaging you are now able to take a pic with the Vita camera and attach it to the message and Settings has also seen an update where for a lot of the controls, you’ll now be able to use the button to make your selection instead of just using the screen. For more updates, check out the Update page.

Moving onto the Games Archive, not all games have initially been included, however there is support for over 200 titles with more titles being added to the list over the next few weeks numbering up to 600 games. Sony has opened a new site so you can check out what’s currently available and what will be released in the future. For a schedule of the upcoming releases, you can check out this link.

Sony have also released a new trailer to advertise the new Classic support functionality.


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