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Hatsune Miku Will Sing With Japan Philharmonic Orchestra

Exiting news today with the reveal that vocaloid, Hatsune Miku, will be taking to the stage with none other than the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra. This all possible to the 80 year old Isao Tomita who happens to be one of the leaders in electronic music in Japan. He is also the composer for anime series Princess Knight, Jungle Emperor and Dororo harking back to the 1960’s.

He has individually selected arguably the biggest Vocaloid in Hatsune Miku to take part in his “Ihatov Symphony” happening in November along with the support of the JPO. “Ihatove Symphony” revolves around the novel works of Kenji Miyazawa who around in the early 20th century. One of the works that Miyazawa is perhaps best known for is Night on the Galactic Railroad, a novel which received an anime film in 1985.

During the press conference, Hatsune with Isao

Hatsune will take to the stage with 300 musicians from the JPO including chorus groups at the Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall which seats 1,568, this will all go down on November 23. This marks the first time that Hatsune will be performing with a full orchestra and while her costumes have not yet been selected, there is a loud voice, from Tomita, for the Juunihitoe. This is a twelve layered ceremonial kimono outfit.

It’ll be really interesting to see how this all works out, can’t wait to see footage of this later on.

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