GREE Announces Social Metal Gear, Playable At TGS

GREE Announces Social Metal Gear, Playable At TGS

Not content with announcing a new open world game, a Metal Gear Solid movie announcement and the showing of the Fox Engine demo, Konami also dropped the news that Metal Gear will be making an appearance on the GREE platform. The announcement was made today during the Metal Gear 25th Anniversary event in Tokyo with the first game to receive the treatment being Metal Gear Social Ops.

The CEO of GREE, Yoshikazu Tanaka, was at the event to make the announcement, during which he also let attendees know that there will be a worldwide release sometime between Autumn and Winter of this year. There was also a trailer shown which we’re hoping will see its way onto the interwebs, sooner rather than later.

Social Ops will give players the opportunity to experience past stories from past games in the franchise. Using cards, you’ll be able to build your own battalion and take parts in battles. There will also be Mother Base aspects integrated into the game as used in Peacewalker.

More importantly though, he revealed that there will be a playable version of the game at Tokyo Game Show.

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