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Nintendo Direct: Animal Crossing Jump Out 3DS

One title that has quite a passionate and dedicated following is the Animal Crossing series and it’s one game that has been sorely missing from the impressive 3DS library. That all changed last night during the Nintendo Direct broadcast with the announcement of Animal Crossing for the 3DS.

There have been some changes to the formula namely that this time around you actually play as the Mayor of your town and as thus, have more of a hand in developing and progressing your virtual city centre. You’ll be able to make changes from installing and setting up park benches and lamp posts as you see fit.

To keep track of all this, you’ll be assigned a secretary to help you along, which you’ll no doubt need as you will also play a part in laying down the law around the place. Customisation has always played a large part in the game and this is no difference with a huge array of customisable options available for your house.

StreetPass has been integrated with other Animal Crossing owners allowing you to share house designs as you pass them in public. And yes, Tom Nook is back in the game as a real estate agent.

The game will be released in Japan on November 8.

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