Level-5 May Have Hidden Games For Tokyo Game Show

Level-5 May Have Hidden Games For Tokyo Game Show

We recently reported that Level-5 will be featuring a playable build of Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney at their booth for Tokyo Game Show but according to the portal site for TGS, there may be some games making a surprise appearance.

Their booth will also be showing off Fantasy Life (3DS), Layton Brothers Mystery Room (iOS), Professor Layton and the Legacy of Advanced Civilization A (3DS), Inazuma Eleven Go 2 (3DS) and Little Battler eXperience W (PSP/PS Vita).

Inazuma Eleven Atsumeyoze!! (Mobile) and Inazuma Eleven 1,2,3 (3DS) will at the show but will be in video form only. The portal site also features a couple of question mark blocks indicating that there may be two games to make an appearance which haven’t been announced as yet, we’ll keep you posted.

Also, Level-5 will be handing out their “Premium DVD” to attendees who come to the booth and try out their games. One of the freebies is a Fantasy Life original clear file, we’ll see what else we can get our mitts on.

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