New Professor Layton Inbound For 3DS

New Professor Layton Inbound For 3DS

During the recent Nintendo Direct broadcast, the attention was briefly passed along to the Level-5 CEO who made a surprising announcement, that a Professor Layton was making its way to the 3DS. Titled Layton Kyouju to Choubunmei A no Isan, the events in this new game take place one year after the events of Kiseki no Kamen have unfolded.

The most surprising part of these news is that we’re lead to believe that it will be the last Layton game in the current series. What little we do know about the game is that it starts with news of someone who believes he has found a living mummy, sounds intriguing.

Sure hope it’s only the last Layton in the current series and not forever, he’s proven to be extremely popular with both gaming and puzzle enthusiasts alike. Look for it sometime in 2013.

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