Some Early Stats For Tokyo Game Show

Some Early Stats For Tokyo Game Show

The organiser of Tokyo Game Show, CESA, have released some early preliminary stats on Tokyo Game Show so far. As of writing there are 207 companies taking part which is more than last year’s figure of 193. Currently there are 712 games that will be shown however there is expectation that this number will climb higher, beating last year’s figure of 736.

These figures come from two reports which CESA runs every year, one a few weeks before the show and another one right before the start of TGS. The data in this report come from August 30 so it’s very current and recent. Interestingly, tablets and smart phone are leading the charge as far as numbers go with 41 and 93 respectively, in the game count area, followed then by PS2, 3DS and Xbox 360.

I’ve included the chart below which will no doubt change when CESA runs their next report but there are interesting figures so far;

  • Nintendo DS: 0
  • Nintendo 3DS: 13
  • Wii: 0
  • Wii U: 0
  • PlayStation 3: 17
  • PlayStation Portable: 5
  • PlayStation Vita: 6
  • Xbox 360: 10
  • Other: 8

Action games and simulations are in front, with RPG’s, sports, card games, shooting, simulation RPG, puzzle, racing and adventure bringing up the rear. For more stats, check out the TGS official site.

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