New Art Books For Final Fantasy 25th Memorial

In addition to the previously covered Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Ultimate Boxnow Square Enix reveal a few more items for the 25th anniversary for Final Fantasy, some books featuring stunning art work from the series.

The Final Fantasy 25th Memorial Ultimania books will have three editions to pick up, each containing artwork from the Final Fantasy series. The books will be hardbound with 320 pages each, the three books will be called;

Final Fantasy 25the Memorial Ultimania vol. 1:

Covers Final Fantasy – Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy 25the Memorial Ultimania vol. 2:

Covers Final Fantasy VII – Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy 25the Memorial Ultimania vol. 3:

Covers Final Fantasy X – Final Fantasy XIV

The three books will be sold separately or you can buy them as set for ¥9,765 or individually for ¥3,255 each through the Square Enix e-Store on December 18.

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