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T.O.P’s Movie Comes To A Stop

TOP, the lead rapper from Korean boyband Bigbang has dabbled in acting before in Korean dramas both for television and the big screen. He was recently at work on a new production for the cinema called, “Alumnus”, when news broke from the set that production has come to a sudden halt.

Park Eun Kyung, who is the head of the production company in charge of “Alumnus” said via a phone call with Starlin that, “Director Park Shin Woo has stepped down from the movie. The differing perspectives became a reason for the change in directors.”

So that currently leaves the movie in limbo with only a third of the film being shot and the staff scrambling looking for a new person to helm the movie.

Kyung also added, “We are currently in the process of selecting a new director. The issues we will have to face because of the change in directors, such as the portion filmed by director Park, will be resolved after discussing it with the new director.

Despite this setback, all the lead actors including T.O.P., Cho Sung Ha, Yoon Jae Moon, Kim Yoo Jung and Han Yeri will continue the lead the same roles.

The movie “Alumnus” is about Myunghoon who by trying to save his sister needs to gain access to South Korea and take up the mantle of an assassin. The movie was due for release later this year but with this development, it’s all up in the air when the movie will be completed and see the light of day.

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