Kingdom Hearts Fans Choose Songs For Anniversary CD

Kingdom Hearts Fans Choose Songs For Anniversary CD

September 19 marks the day that Square Enix release the Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Fan Selection: Melodies & Memories CD in Japan. Talking to composer, Yoko Shimomura , she commented that “Hikari” is the one that captures the moment of Kingdom Hearts the most. For this track, she was tasked with create a song that conveys the emotion of being in a big drama.

Fans of the Kingdom Hearts series were allowed to vote on which tracks were to be included in the compilation, and they selected “Hikari ~ Kingdom Orchestra Instrumental Version ~ as the #1 song from the first game. “Dearly Beloved” and “Another Side” were #2 and #3, respectively.

“Naminé” was chosen above all else from Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories giving the second spot to “Lord of the Castle”. Kingdom Hearts II saw “Roxas” being included while “The Other Promise” took second and “Dearly Beloved” gained the third spot.

Here is the confirmed track listing so far but keep in mind it isn’t complete as there are still tracks to be added from both, Dream Drop Distance and 358/2 Days. The album will be a 2 CD release.

Kingdom Hearts

Dearly Beloved


Hand in Hand

Hollow Bastion


Hikari – Kingdom Orchestra Instrumental Version –

Traverse Town

Kairi I

Always on My Mind

Another Side


Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories


Lord of the Castle


Kingdom Hearts II

Dearly Beloved

Passion ~ Opening Version ~

Missing You


Organization XIII

The Other Promise

Darkness of the Unknown

Fate of the Unknown

Passion ~ Kingdom Orchestra Instrumental Version ~

Lazy Afternoons

The 13th Struggle


The 13th Reflection


Rage Awakened


Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Enter the Darkness


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