Wii U Dragon Quest Will Be Demonstrated At Tokyo Game Show

We’ve known that Square Enix plan on presenting Dragon Quest information for the Wii U at Tokyo Game Show, we hear today that along with the info, there will be a demonstration to occur on stage as well. The stage event will be called “Dragon Quest X Wii U Demonstration Stage,” which will be presented by DQX producer Yousuke Saito.

We won’t hold our breaths for a playable demo though, there will be no playable demo for the audience to try out which is a shame. This was actually specified by Square Enix themselves. There will also be a “developers special talk” with director Jin Fujisawa along with Producer, Saito where they will discuss the update due for October.

Other DQ related events are a Dragon Quest Monsters Terry’s Wonderland 3D tournament and a Dragon Quest X photo contest.

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