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SKE48 Idol Cancels Handshake Event

SKE48 idol, Matsui Rena, had to issue an apology after she had to pull out and cancel a handshake event she had planned for September 8. The reason cited was she was in a poor physical condition. On her Google+ page, she had the following message for fans: “It is unfortunate, but I needed to cancel my handshake event due to my poor physical condition. To my fans that waited for me at the event venue, I am deeply sorry that in the end, you had to hear the words “cancel” and that I was unable to greet you.”

In SKE48, Matsui forms part of the internal duo, Double Matsui, due to fellow member, Matsui Jurina, sharing a similar name.

In the early Spring, Matsui was hospitalised but to exhaustion so this latest bit of news has her fans extremely worried and posting messages back such as, “Please rest” and It is because you have been busy recently.”

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