Jet Set Radio Grinds Into Itunes Store

Jet Set Radio Grinds Into Itunes Store

Easily one of the classiest and slickest soundtracks ever assembled for a video game would have to be Jet Set Radio on the Sega Dreamcast. With its blend of urban beats and futuristic grooves, it complimented the game extremely well. One of the problems however of bringing a soundtrack of this nature to the public is licensing issues.

But keeping that in mind, we’re happy to hear that the Sega licensed tracks have been compiled into a collection and released onto Apple’s iTunes store for digital distribution.

Both Jet Set Radio and Jet Set Radio Future have collections on the store and in case you’re wondering which tracks made the cut, you can see the track listing for both collections below.

Jet Set Radio Sega Original Tracks

Let Mom Sleep
Humming the Bassline
That’s Enough
Everybody Jump Around
Sweet Soul Brother
Rock It On
Electric Tooth Brush
Moody’s Shuffle
Grace and Glory
Jet Set Groove #1
Jet Set Groove #2

Jet Set Radio Future Sega Original Tracks

The Concept of Love
Fly Like a Butterfly
Funky Dealer
Shape Da Future
Oldies But Happies
Like It Like This Like That
Humming The Bassline(D.S.Remix)
Rock It On(D.S.Remix)
Sneakman(Toronto Mix)
Let Mom Sleep(No Sleep Remix)
That’s Enough(B.B.Rights Mix)
Sweet Soul Brother(B.B.Rights Mix)
Grace and Glory(B.B.M.H.Mix)
Jet Set Groove #3
Jet Set Groove #4
S.E. System01
S.E. System02
S.E. System03
S.E. Tape

This collection is worth getting alone for the smash hit, ‘The concept of love,’ such an iconic piece of music instantly recognisable as being from the JSR games.

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