Top 4 Quirky Things We Noticed @ TGS 2012

Top 4 Quirky Things We Noticed @ TGS 2012

Japan is known to some for its many quirks and differences when compared to the rest of the world. And some of those differences were more noticeable at the recent Tokyo Game Show.

Intrepid reporter, Princess Laucha, was hard on the case when Japandaman or Stephanie were playing a demo or gathering freebies to jot down some points that she noticed as she wandered around the show floor.

  1. The gamer ‘station’ set up at Level – 5.
    In case you were worried that you might catch someones international virus at TGS – don’t be! After every gamer finishes, the attendants wipe clean the headset, the console, the laminated mat with the instructions and re-sets it all up for the next player. Only then does the queue controllers let the next gamer through!
  2. You can’t use the hand dryers in the toilets!
    Why? Because there is a laminated sign taped across the hand dryers telling you not to use them. This way the toilets don’t get hot and steamy! Instead you may want to follow the Japanese custom of carrying your own small flannel towel to dry your hands. Princess Laucha has a collection just like this Hello Kitty one!
  3. Keeping time!
    Just so there are no disputes about how much time you get to try your favourite game, NAMCO staff write the time you are to finish on a small section of white board on the side of the booth you are playing at! So if you started to play at 11.30am, they will write 11.40 am on the side of your booth – and all with a bow and a smile 🙂
  4. It’s a “stage” not a performance!
    We love how the English translation for “next performance” is stage. So for example at most booths where they hosted guest speakers, dances, cosplay characters etc they would advertise it by saying “Next Stage at 12.30pm”. It’s just one of the quirky things we love!
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Princess Laucha

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