Kyary Comes Back With Fashion Monster Commercials

Kyary Comes Back With Fashion Monster Commercials

Harujuku fashion blogger turned pop sensation, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, is hitting Japanese televisions again. The Halloween themed commercials are all to advertise her ‘Fashion Monster’ campaign which is a collaboration with Japanese retailer, ‘g.u.’

EDIT UPDATE: Thanks to Japandaman reader in Japan, Tommy, for pointing out to me that there is a full video for Kyary’s Fashion Monster video which you can catch below. Thanks Tommy!

These new batch of commercials have a Kyary track running in the background and also show her as a creature of the night and a bat as well?


The next clip is to show off the menswear line which involves Kyary having some…fashion monsters over for a quick drink.


To coincide with this, g.u. has released a video book online called ‘Fashion Monster Vol. 2’ which features Kyary’s new hairdos consisting of skulls and bananas not being left out and some highlights from g.u.’s Fall/Winter selection.


And lastly, a collection like this wouldn’t be complete with a cute making of video compilation where you can see how the commercials were put together as well as check out Kyary trying on the different accessories which made it into the commercials.

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